War Is Coming to Venezuela – Which Countries Can It Defeat With Russian Weapons?


CARACAS, Venezuela – Given the Venezuelan situation and repercussion, expert believes that the country has potential war to react to any threat from enemy countries in the region.

Although Venezuelans have the ability to fight with the countries of the region, Caracas would not be able to win a conflict against the United States, military expert Konstantin Sivkov said.

“The Venezuelan army is currently able to effectively repulse the armed forces of neighboring countries, such as Colombia, which contests territory with Caracas,” the expert noted.

In addition, “Venezuela has modern Russian weapons, such as airplanes and armored vehicles, including modernized T-72 tanks and BTR-80A armored vehicles, while the Colombian Army is equipped with old American weapons, some of which are from the World War II,” Sivkov said.

“However, in the case of a one-time intervention of several countries, such as Colombia and Brazil with the participation of the United States, they would use the Latin American armies as ‘cannon fodder’, limited to air strikes, Venezuela could not win a direct confrontation.”

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For the expert, in case of direct confrontation, Caracas’ only option would be to start a guerrilla war that could last for decades, just as in Afghanistan and Iraq, however, the United States left Iran because they did not know how to face a guerrilla war.

On January 23, Venezuelan National Assembly President Juan Guaidó declared himself interim president of Venezuela amid opposition protests against the government of Nicolás Maduro.

As a result of the action, the US and a number of other countries, including Brazil and Colombia, recognized Guaidó as president of Venezuela. The current Venezuelan leader, Nicolás Maduro, claims to remain a constitutional head of state and called Guaidó a “US puppet.”

Brazil’s Vice President Mourao has already ensured that his country is not prepared to militarily intervene in Venezuela and Colombia has stated that it is not willing to host an American base in the country for the purpose of attacking the Bolivarian country.

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