WAR MACHINE: Russia Will Re-Equip its Troops with More Modern Weaponry in 2019

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MOSCOW, Russia – About 1,000 new military vehicles and special equipment will be added to the arsenal of the South Military District in the course of 2019, said the head of the military’s press service, Vadim Astafiev.

“More than a thousand units of weapons, military and special equipment will be integrated into the forces of the Southern Military District in 2019,” he said.

According to the press release, which quotes the colonel’s words, “plans to equip the troops of the Southern Military District were announced by the commander of the district forces, Colonel-General Aleksandr Dvornikov.”

According to this military official, the district forces rearmament program provides for the supply of about 400 units of new or modernized military equipment models, which in 2019 will ensure an increase in the number of new weapons to 67%.

“The district’s aviation will be strengthened with 30 new aircraft and helicopters, including naval aviation, and the Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla are expected to receive nine ships and combat boats,” he added.

At the same time, he informed that a considerable part of the modern equipment will arrive at the units of communications, radioactive, chemical and biological defense, as well as the engineering troops.

“In addition to modern models of military weapons and equipment, troops from the Southern Military District will receive more than 700 safe and effective missile and artillery units, armored and transport equipment,” he added.

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Meanwhile, an updated version of the Mi-28NM Nochnoi Okhotnik (Night Hunter) combat helicopter will be delivered to the Russian Army soon.

The aircraft has been enhanced with increased stealth and target detection capabilities, increased engine power and the installation of high-precision missiles.

Considering there are more advantages than disadvantages in the “dual” pilot system of the previous version of the helicopter, military experts have decided to maintain this constructive solution. However, the new version has one more control and pedals assigned to the co-pilot sitting behind the commander, which increases the possibility of survival of the aircraft if one of the crew is injured in combat.

Cabin equipment has also been modernized: pilots can gain more complete information about the environment and the operation of all aircraft systems, thereby facilitating interaction and decision-making efficiency in a combat situation. The armor is also reinforced: the crew is now protected from bullets and calipers up to twenty millimeters.

In addition, the helicopter has greater resistance to damage due to the special materials used and design solutions. For example, rotor blades are made of composites that allow the completion of the flight safely, even if they are struck by a 20-30 millimeter gauge. Likewise, the modified design of the fuel system eliminates the explosion or ignition of the fuel.

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