Washington Uses the Same Script in Venezuela as it Did in Syria, Libya


WASHINGTON DC, The United States – The US has undermined any peace action and dialogue between the opposition and the Venezuelan government, Cuban analyst Jorge Legañoa said, commenting on the current political crisis in Venezuela.

The analyst recalled that Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro denounced these actions and even declared the expulsion of US diplomatic personnel from the country.

“This decision is obviously very difficult and, even in the most difficult times of Chávez [former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez] it did not happen – diplomatic relations have been completely broken,” he said.

Maduro gave 72 hours to the US to withdraw its diplomats from Venezuela, who despite the announcement, many remain in Venezuelan territory. The administration of US President Donald Trump ordered officials only to respond to indications of Juan Guaidó, recognized by the United States as the interim president of the country.

So far, the Venezuelan Presidency has not taken action, but it is clear that there will be an answer within the next few hours.

Legañoa recalled how, in April, during the VIII Summit of the Americas in Lima, US Vice President Mike Pence offered funding to the Latin American countries that welcomed the Venezuelan exiles.

“The United States used the exiles to declare a political crisis and this was answered by the Venezuelan government. We have seen how in recent weeks and months the Venezuelans have returned to their country,” said the expert.

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But the Trump administration continued to add fuel to the fire, and on January 23, in addition to inciting the march against Maduro, he recognized Guaidó as president of Venezuela.

“Besides symbolism, Guaido’s self-proclamation was an unconstitutional act,” Legañoa said. “The Venezuelan Constitution makes it very clear that, under any circumstances, you are only sworn in as president in the National Assembly of the country or in front of the Supreme Court of the country,” he explained.

For the expert, this “is the same script” used in the controversial military intervention in Libya in 2011, in which US troops participated. This invasion overthrew Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi, who was beaten, sodomized and killed by a group of jihadists, and plunged the country into crisis. The analyst stresses that social networks are the main channel for spreading and generating “false news”.

“There has been a Chávez march as much or greater than that of the opposition, but this is not reported, as well as the exhaustion of reserves and the economic situation. On the other hand, there is people working and trying to build a different country, including the bases of capitalism that are still enthroned in this society,” said the analyst.

However, Legañoa wonders how long they will keep Maduro in the dilemma of continuing to bet on peace or to radicalize the revolution. “Until now, it seems that he will continue to bet on peace, tranquility and decency, as he reiterated in his speech at the Palace of Miraflores,” concluded the analyst.

The same rhetoric heard against Maduro and Gadhafi is the same rhetoric we have heard against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad since 2011.

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