WASHINGTON WORRIED: Russia Carries Out Successful Defense System Testing


MOSCOW, Russia – The North American channel CNBC wrote, citing two sources familiar with the US intelligence secret report, that Russia carried out a successful test of a new anti-satellite system in December last year.

According to the Pentagon’s recent report on US missile defense policy, Russia would be developing various anti-satellite directed energy and ground-based technologies and will continue to launch “test” satellites that would participate in complex orbital operations to increase Russia’s anti-satellite potential.

One of the channel’s partners said that the test was performed on December 23 last year, being the seventh test of the anti-satellite system. The source added that the Russian system PL-19 Nudol was launched twice in 2018.

According to the channel, the missile traveled nearly 3,000 km in 17 minutes, before successfully reaching the target.

The other source told CNBC that the missiles will be used against communications satellites and photographic devices flying in low-Earth orbit.

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump presented a renewed strategy on the development of anti-missile defense and set priorities for his administration taking into account new challenges and threats, including Russia.

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This comes as the Foreign Policy issue said that Russian missiles with conventional warheads are more deadly than nuclear weapons, and the United States is making a big mistake when it comes exiting out of the Intermediate Forces Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF).

According to the article , the exit of the treaty can be fatal for Washington. Thus, Moscow does not need to increase its nuclear potential, however, breaking the treaty will allow it to position new ground-based missiles with conventional warheads.

However the United States plans to develop a laser system that can be mounted on an unmanned aerial platform to track and destroy missiles in their acceleration phase, the Department of Defense said in its 2019 issue of the Missile Defense Review on Thursday .

The new Missile Defense Review presents a new strategy and stance that will set the path for strengthening America’s current missile defense capabilities and will advocate urgent investment in new missile defense capabilities.

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