With Russian Backing Secured, Maduro Offers Hand of Peace to Trump


CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro invited his American colleague to base relations between Venezuela and the United States on cooperation and mutual respect after successfully securing the full backing of Russia.

Nicolás Maduro invited his American colleague, Donald Trump, to a “frank, direct and face to face” dialogue. This was affirmed in an interview made to the US ruler in an interview with journalist María Elvira Salazar and that was transmitted by the network of television Univision.

“We are in the same hemisphere” and “sooner or later we are forced to speak and understand each other,” said the Venezuelan president.

For Maduro, although there are differences between countries, they could understand the differences between them.

“I wish there was an opportunity for a frank, straightforward and face-to-face dialogue so that you (Trump) see that it is not what your informants say. We are real, we are people with whom we can talk, negotiate and make agreements,” added Maduro.

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In his view, Trump inherited “mistakes” in the foreign policy of his predecessor, Barack Obama, which has so far resulted in an “ideologization of US foreign policy against Venezuela.”

Asked if US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo would be invited to Venezuela, he replied:”He can come whenever he wants, I would welcome him and extend his hand.”

Maduro defended the idea of ​​focusing on a shared work and cooperation agenda through a relationship of understanding and respect, despite the tense relationship between Caracas and Washington, which deepened after the Venezuelan president was recently sworn in for a new constitutional mandate.

This latest announcement by Maduro comes after high-level meetings between Venezuela and Russia, in which Moscow confirmed its strong support for the legitimate government in Caracas. Although the US continually tries to destabilize the Bolivarian country, especially with its Colombian and Brazilian puppets, Russia’s and China’s deepening relations with Venezuela ensures its survival against US imperialism.

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