With Russian Weapons, It Is IMPOSSIBLE for U.S. to invade Venezuela


CARACAS, Venezuela – Amid tensions between Venezuela and the United States, there are analyzes about the defense that the South American country has and how it could be won.

Military Watch magazine analyzed this situation and pointed out that Venezuela has advanced military equipment. The country has the latest version of the Russian Su-30 fighters, called MK2, which combine more modern radio-electronic systems, as well as powerful weapons and unparalleled maneuverability.

It is noteworthy that the US has never faced enemy owners of Su-30MK2, generation 4+ fighters, which have considerable advantages over US Air Force bases, consisting of F-15 Eagle and F-18E Super Hornet fighters.

The magazine also notes that everything could change with the incorporation of heavily modernized F-15X fighters, but the US should receive them only after 2020.

Another difficulty Americans would encounter would be Venezuela’s anti-aircraft defense systems, which include the BuK-M2 and S-300VM systems, both considered to be the most advanced of the relevant classes, and the United States has fought few countries with such systems.

According to the magazine, fourth-generation US aircraft are not designed to address advanced and modernized air defense systems, such as the S-300s.

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Given the combination of Russian 4+ generation fighters and anti-aircraft defense systems that Venezuela has, it can be assumed that the country has an “insurmountable barrier” against American fleet aircraft.

The only possibility for the US would be the use of the fleet of fifth generation fighters, which today is formed by F-22 fighters. This could be the only way to try to penetrate the Venezuelan defense, since the F-35 would not be able to face Su-30MK2 fighters because of the radar problems.

In addition, the United States could also use its cruise missiles launched by its strategic B-52 bombers, however, the American media recognizes that Russian defense systems could overturn these missiles, however, their capabilities are limited and, with a massive attack, some of these missiles could penetrate Venezuelan defenses.

The weak point of Venezuela would be the absence of fortifications in its air bases and antiaircraft defense systems, which would allow the US to try to reach the country with a greater effectiveness, and only thus, using American fourth generation fighters.

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