With Russia’s Backing, Venezuela says its ‘Military Are Willing to Give Their Lives for the Country’


CARACAS, Venezuela – Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López said on Wednesday that the Armed Forces of Venezuela are willing to give their lives to defend the country’s constitution.

“The Bolivarian Armed Forces who are willing to die to defend this Constitution, these people, these institutions, you as supreme magistrate, constitutional president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, who put people there,” he told Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro on Tuesday.

The Minister of Defense participated in a meeting at the headquarters of the Operational Strategic Command with Maduro, in which the directors of the different intelligence agencies of the country participated.

Padrino López said that the Venezuelan Armed Forces recognize the new term of President Nicolas Maduro, which lasts until 2025.

Meanwhile, the country’s parliament, the National Assembly, which is controlled by the opposition, passed two decrees, one to classify the head of state as a “usurper”, and another to offer amnesty to the military and civilians for their pronouncement in favor the “restoration of democracy”.

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In December, the Russian military made an unexpected appearance in Venezuela that caused concern for Washington’s regional puppets, primarily Colombia and Brazil.

Russia’s ambassador in Caracas, Vladimir Zaemskiy, told VTV the deployment reflected the “very fruitful” military partnership that had developed since the relationship was forged by Venezuela’s late leader Hugo Chávez in 2005.

Russia’s defence ministry said the strategic bombers – used during the country’s campaign in Syria – were part of a larger fleet also including an An-124 military transport plane and an Il-62 passenger jet that had flown more than 10,000km to Venezuela.

Venezuela’s defence minister, Vladimir Padrino López, said in December that the arrival of the aircraft for joint manoeuvres was not intended as a provocation. “We are makers of peace, not war,” he was quoted as saying by the state broadcaster Venezolana de Televisión (VTV).

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