Allies Since Youth: Did Putin and Maduro play in 80’s Soviet band? (VIDEO)


MOSCOW, Russia – Netizens have begun to suspect that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro secretly played in a Soviet rock band when they were young. The cause of this incredible idea is an 80’s video that shows two musicians resembling presidents.

Everything is just a joke, but that they are alike, no one can deny.

This is the Soviet group Alians (Alliance, in Russian). The name of the vocalist is Igor Zhuravlev and the keyboardist’s name is Oleg Parastaev. The song “Na zare” (“At sunrise”) dates back to 1987 and was very famous in the USSR and later in Russia and the former Soviet republics.

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Noting the musicians’ striking resemblance to the presidents of Russia and Venezuela, netizens filled the social networks with comments from Putin and Maduro’s “lost photo,” calling it “a joke of the week.”

But in all seriousness, the comical videos are timely as the relationship between Maduro and Putin is more critical then ever. With Venezuela being the latest target of intense US denouncement, harassment and imperialism, the Caribbean country has found strong support from its Russian and Chinese allies. This is especially crucial as Venezuela’s neighbors, especially US puppets Colombia and Brazil, are attempting to uproot democracy and the Bolivarian Revolution through a coup attempt.

Despite orchestrating a coup attempt with the right-wing opposition, it is unlikely that they will succeed as Maduro has the sworn allegiance of the country’s powerful military, considered one of the strongest in Latin America. With the overwhelming support of the military, it is unlikely that a Syria situation, that saw the Free Syrian Army establish itself, will emerge that will see the founding of a breakaway army made up of elements of the Venezuelan military.

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