As Moscow defends Maduro, Venezuela creates with Russia and China a UN Group against US imperialism


MOSCOW, Russia – Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said Thursday that Moscow is working with Caracas to get a constitutional solution to the political crisis in Venezuela.

We are working in all directions to find a peaceful constitutional solution to the situation [in Venezuela],” said the Russian diplomat.

He pointed out that Moscow knows of the existence of healthy and constructive forces inside and outside Venezuela – even those among the opposition – and that this issue is included in the talks between Moscow and Caracas.

On the same day, US special envoy to Venezuela, Elliot Abrams, declared that the resignation of Nicolás Maduro is condition for the end of the crisis in Venezuela.

The diplomat’s statement comes after Venezuelan ambassador to the United States, Carlos Vecchio, ally of opposition leader Juan Guaidó, told US lawmakers that they need to step up pressure on Caracas.

This also comes as Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza on Thursday announced the creation of a bloc of countries to defend the rights set out in the Charter of the United Nations, thus preventing possible foreign intervention in internal affairs of the South American country.

“The chancellor Jorge Arreaza declares of the UN, announces a diplomatic initiative of United Nations countries to defend the rights of the peoples to coexist under the principles of international law,” wrote the press service of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry.

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In a speech at UN Headquarters in New York, Arreaza stressed that this working group, made up of 14 countries – including Russia, China, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Nicaragua and Palestine – will uphold principles such as respect for equal rights and self-determination of peoples, sovereignty of states and resolution of conflicts through peaceful means, abdicating threats to peace and international security.

According to the minister, if Venezuelan sovereignty is not respected, the government of President Nicolás Maduro will do everything possible to defend the national territory and respond in a manner proportional to attempts of attacks or interference.

“Venezuela is a sovereign country, we will protect every inch of Venezuelan territory, air, sea and land, our response will be proportional to any type of attack or interference,” he said

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