Assad: Erdogan Is A Muslim Brotherhood Fanatic, And A U.S Pawn


DAMASCUS, Syria – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad described Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a “Muslim Brotherhood” fanatic and considers him “a small-time U.S. tool.”

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, in a speech during  his meeting with heads of local councils from all provinces on Monday, said that “Turkey’s President Erdogan , is a Muslim Brotherhood fanatic and a small-time U.S. tool.”

“Erdogan is trying to appear as a mover and shaker, he sometimes angers, sometimes revolts and threatens, and recently began to run out of patience, this is a big problem in fact.”

Turkey has been working to further its own strategic interests, delicately balancing between the U.S and Russian power bases. Its own role in the Syrian war has been nefarious, and has vacillated on any number of strategic positions, confusing analysts and experts around the world and across the political spectrum.

President Assad, however, is clear about Erdogan’s aim regarding the ‘safe zones’, even if Turkey’s role has otherwise been nuanced.

Indisputably, Erdogan has enjoyed support from, and in turn has supported, the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood, backed by the U.S and England, seized power in Egypt during the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, seeing the rise of its candidate Morsi to the position of head of state.

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Resulting from popular discontent among the populace and the military over Morsi’s failure to enact the reforms which gave rise to the oustering of Mubarak, the military joined forces with protesters to remove the U.S and Turkish ally, and Muslim Brotherhood member, Morsi. For their parts, Russia and Saudi Arabia appear to have agreed on the move to take-out Morsi, which ultimately saw the imprisonment of Morsi and the installation of Al-Sisi.

The aim was to return to the status quo – while Egypt under the nominally western and Israel friendly Mubarak worked with the Zionist entity to frustrate the aims of Palestinians, the then Egyptian government held firm to a position of non-interference in Syria. Syria and Egypt once were part of a single state entity, a political union between Egypt and Syria from 1958 to 1961 known as the United Arab Republic.

Regarding the recent sentiments expressed by the Syrian head of state, President Bashar al-Assad continued to say:

It’s is not my way to talk randomly. We are talking about facts. The safe zone which the Turks have worked on was the same as the one they had been asking for 8 years, but the Americans always said to them, “Keep aside your role has not yet come.”

The President made it clear that “Syria will be liberated to the last inch, and the interferers and occupiers are our enemies.”

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