BEYOND BELIEF: Guaido’s U.S Backed Supporters Torched Own Aid Caravan in False Flag

* Editor’s note – previously FRN reported that the Venezuelan authorities had ‘stopped’ the aid convoy from entering into Venezuela, without clarifying that the actual setting ablaze of said convoy was done by Guaido’s own supporters in an attempt to smear the Maduro administration of Venezuela. Adding to the confusion was our relaying of the Russian announcement from foreign ministry representative Zakharova that Russians had strong evidence that the U.S would attempt to use this or any aid convoy as a means to smuggle in specific classes of weapons and equipment, connected to a strategy of tension, like that seen in the Maidan in Ukraine five years ago. This would seem to infer that the Maduro government ‘stopped’ the convoy by setting it on fire. That is not the case. Additionally, given that the Russian forewarning came days prior to the actual attempt yesterday, it is furthermore likely that this particular aid convoy did not contain anything but humanitarian aid goods, with the U.S and its opposition knowing full-well that it would not be let in, and with a plan instead to put on a pyrotechnic show to discredit the Maduro-led government in the eyes of its own sock-puppet media industrial complex. FRN’s own Paul Antonopoulos weighs in with clarifying comments.  – J. Flores


This is becoming hilarious now. Unelected Venezuelan wannabe president Guaidó was suppose to triumphantly lead a Trojan horse aid convoy into Venezuela from Colombia but he completely failed, and achieved nothing. He is now in exile in Colombia while legitimate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has cut all diplomatic ties with their neighbor.

Things got so so so desperate yesterday that the Venezuelan opposition in Colombia decided to set the aid convoy on fire and blame Maduro. However, if you’re going to make a HOAX, you should probably make sure that people are not filming you when you are making these plans ????

In the first video you can hear the Venezuelan opposition talking about using gasoline and making Molotov cocktails literally just minutes before the aid convoy was set on fire.

“Gas has arrived!” can be heard in this video moments before some aid trucks were burned. Of course the media blamed Maduro.

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This video, it is straight forward – you can see the opposition prepare Molotov cocktails – the same Molotov cocktails used to set the aid trucks on fire.

In the photo you can even see where the Venezuelan forces are located (circled in green) and where the cockroaches are (circled in blue).

These idiots cannot even make a hoax correctly but they want to remove an entire elected government from power?

This comes as part of a larger campaign to create justifications for the invasion of the oil-rich Latin American country.

Days ago, opposition figures began spreading fake news that up to 10 indigenous Venezuelans were shot at by Venezuela’s security forces and were rushed into Brazil to be treated in a hospital. But? No evidence has emerged of this. No photos. No hospital documents. No official announcements from the Brazilian government who are staunchly against the Venezuelan Bolivarian Revolution.

Although the aggression continues, the fake President has not secured any power in Venezuela. The military remains staunchly loyal to Maduro with only 5 recorded defections so far, 3 regular soldiers and 2 superiors who are not in direct control of any units. All governmental ministries have remained loyal. Overwhelming majority of Ambassadors have remained loyal. The majority of the international community recognizes Maduro as president. With this, the only thing can help ‘save’ this coup-attempt is a direct military invasion of Venezuela. For everybody’s sake, we hope to never see a Vietnam 2.0.
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