Bohne: The dirty war background on Trump’s Venezuela envoy

By Luciana Bohne


By Luciana Bohne – “It is unfortunate that we have almost two generations now who know almost nothing about the murdurous actions of the U.S. in Central American. But with the elevation of Elliott Abrams we can take this opportunity to educate public on crimes of Empire in that region.”–Ajamu Baraka on twitter

I’m doing my best: Vice President George Bush the First ran the dirty wars in Central America from his office. One of his officials, Don Gregg Rodriguez’ CIA colleague in Vietnam and President George the First’s NSC advisor, hired the guy who gave the order to kill Che Guevara–and shot into his dead body in 1967.

Published on: Feb 14, 2019 @ 23:28

Felix Rodriguez was the son of a minister in Batista’s Cuba. After the Cuban revolution, Rodriguez was recruited by the CIA and was trained in sabotage for the bay of Pigs invasion. From there he went on to assassinating Che, to torturing for the US in South Vietnam, to appearing before the Church Commission, investigating the CIA in 1975. In the 1980s he was the “manager” of the collection, shipped from the US in secret, and distribution of these unauthoried weapons to the contras in Nicaragua. [See Mike Wallace’s 60 Minutes feature on Rodriguez]

He was supervised by Oliver North, who was supervised by Elliot Abrams, Assistant Secretary of State. The shipments of weapons were done in secret from US Congress.

When Congress conducted investigations, known as Iran-contra scandal, Elliott Abrams said he had no idea who the “gentleman” Rodriguez was–nor had he any knowledge that Rodriguez met with George the First in the VP’s office (any wonder George First pardoned him?)–even though Rodriguez was recipient of the Medal of Valor from the CIA.

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It is also important to add that Abrams squeezed money out of Congress for “humanitarian” purposes, but supplied the Nicaraguan contras with weapons.

In Congressional testimony Abrams called the right-wing, counter-revolutionary contras the “Resistance.” Abrams lied to Congress on matters of more importance, but I find this detail of great significance for exposing the anti-Cuban revolutionary fervor–the obsessive anti-communism– of the people in the Reagan administration guilty of massacres in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala (classified as “genocide” by UN commission), El Salvador.

“But with the elevation of Elliott Abrams we can take this opportunity to educate public on crimes of Empire”

And now, Trump has elevated this conspirator, twice convicted felon, this liar to representatives of the US people, this US Eichmann for Central America, by appointing him Envoy to Venezuela.

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