BREAKING: “Anti-War” Trump threatens Venezuela with a military invasion


WASHINGTON DC, The United States of America – US President Donald Trump said he is considering the possibility of sending a military contingent to Venezuela.

“Well I don’t want to say that but certainly it’s something that’s on the — it’s an option,” Donald Trump said when asked about military intervention and America’s national security interests during the interview.

He further noted that Venezuela was “a very important part of the world”, where rampant crime and widespread poverty have led to anguish among the local population.

On January 23, the head of the National Assembly (unicameral Parliament, controlled by the right-wing reactionary opposition), Juan Guaidó, proclaimed himself “president in charge” of the country.

The head of the Venezuelan State, Nicolás Maduro, who assumed the second term on January 10, described Guaidó’s declaration as an attempted coup and blamed the US for having orchestrated it.

Trump also said that the Venezuelan leader proposed several months ago to hold a face-to-face meeting but he decided to reject the talks.

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“I decided at the time, ‘no’ because so many really horrible things have been happening in Venezuela when you look at that country,” he said.

“That was the wealthiest country of all in that part of the world which is a very important part of the world. And now you look at the poverty and you look at the anguish and you look at the crime and you look at all of the things happening,” he added. “So, I think the process is playing out – very, very big tremendous protests.”

Trump however conveniently forgot to mention all the sabotage, whether through arming right-wing militias or economic, his administration is inflicting on the country to exacerbate the poverty that has always existed in Venezuela and only improved under the Bolivarian government.

Several countries of the American continent, with the USA at the head, ignored Maduro and expressed their support for Guaidó; Mexico and Uruguay abstained from doing so, offering to mediate in a political solution to the crisis; and Russia, China, Iran, Greece and Turkey, reaffirmed their support for the current Venezuelan Government.

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