Caracas to invest in Russian advanced weapons for its Armed Forces to face imperialists


CARACAS, Venezuela – Nicolás Maduro, the re-elected president of Venezuela, said that Caracas will make investments to provide the Armed Forces with the most advanced military equipment, warning other countries to stop making threats against his country.

“We will make investments so that our soldiers, military and militias have the most advanced weaponry … Venezuela will have [everything] from the Igla [Russian portable missile] in the hands of its militia and the military to the most advanced missiles because Venezuela wants peace,” Maduro said in front of the military, a speech broadcast on his Twitter account on Sunday.

While speaking , the leader of the Latin American country stressed that his people are a great force that must stand up to defend the homeland, in addition to stating that Venezuelan soldiers are ready to die for their country.

“We are a peaceful country and we are not involved in conflicts with anyone, but other countries should not try to conflict with us and threaten us,” the president warned.

On February 10, Maduro officially announced the largest military exercise in the history of Venezuela, which will last until February 15, with the participation of military and militias.

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Even before the outbreak of the current political crisis in the country, Caracas was already the main importer of Russian military equipment in the Americas. In addition, Maduro had previously said that Caracas planned to continue buying the most advanced weapons in Russia.

The internal crisis of Caracas worsened on January 23, when Venezuelan National Assembly President Juan Guaidó declared himself the country’s interim president. The military expressed support for the current head of state, despite dozens of countries supporting Guaidó, considering Maduro’s re-election last year as illegitimate.

China and Russia are among the countries that have expressed support for Maduro, categorically opposing any external interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs.

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