Delusions or Lies? Poroshenko claims central role ‘on the ground’ at 2014 Maidan


KIEV – Petro Poroshenko has quite questionably stated that he was at the epicenter of the infamous Maidan, under shelling, helping the injured. Journalist Tatyana Vysotskaya published on her YouTube channel a video from a speech by the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, where he stated that he personally helped the alleged victims during the events on Maidan.

According to the politician, he was at the very epicenter of events when he went to the Verkhovna Rada. Poroshenko said that activists asked him for help because of the constant firing from the Berkut,

“In an hour and a half – three dead, whom we tried to get over to a safe area,” said the Ukrainian president.

Vysotskaya posted a video and left a comment under him, in which she expressed extreme dissatisfaction with Poroshenko’s speech. According to her, the Ukrainian leader embellishes his role during Euromaidan and thus tries to “rewrite history”.

On November 21, 2013, supporters of European integration gathered in the center of Kiev due to the suspension of the signing of an association agreement with the EU.

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The epicenter of the confrontation of the security forces and radicals became Independence Square. As a result, a coup d’état occurred in the country, killing more than 100 people. Residents of Donbass did not agree with the results of the Maidan, as a result of which the new Ukrainian leadership launched a military operation in the east of the country. According to the UN, more than 10 thousand people became victims of the Kiev military operation.

Mass protests created and backed by the U.S under the Obama administration led to a change of power in the country in February 2014, with the result that the new leadership set a course for Ukraine’s European integration.

Not all residents of the country agreed with the events in Kiev. In March 2014, more than 95% of residents of the Crimea and Sevastopol supported the accession of their regions to Russia in a referendum. In the east of Ukraine, an armed confrontation began between supporters and opponents of the coup d’état, as a result of which the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics were formed.

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