Does the UK want war with Russia? It certainly seems so!


LONDON, The United Kingdom – The Russian embassy in London is concerned about the “militaristic tone” of the minister’s speech of the UK Defense Gavin Williamson, a representative of the diplomatic mission in London said.

Last Monday, Williamson said that after the completion of Brexit (exit of the British from the European Union) the UK should strengthen their global presence and increase the lethality of their weapons.

The British minister also stated that the United Kingdom will be ready to act and will intervene with hard power against Russia, China and other nations or agents that may be against national interests.

“The general militarist tone of the military commander’s speech can not fail to say that the intentions of ‘showing strength’, ‘increasing the lethality of their military’ are not linked to the tasks of ensuring UK security,” the representative of the Russian embassy said.

The Russian official also emphasized that, in this way, London seeks to promote its interests in the world based on military force.

He added that “this line is not very enlightening, it weakens the image of the United Kingdom in the international arena, which has already been badly damaged by the aggression’s in Iraq, Libya and other countries.”

According to other representatives of the Russian embassy in London, the British minister’s military tone, positioning Russia as an “aggressor”, is part of a strategy to try to raise a defense budget.

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This comes as AH-64 Apache attack helicopters from the British Army were dispatched for the first time to the Arctic Circle, reports The Sun.

The newspaper referred to exercises in Norway this week involving British Apache helicopters. According to the operations officer of the Joint Helicopter Command, Brigadier Mike Keating, the Apache are sending a message to all opponents.

The publication notes that the main goal is to strengthen NATO’s northern flank amid Russia’s drive to “control the Arctic region.”

In late September 2018, British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson unveiled the new Arctic defense strategy, citing the growing threats in the region and Russia’s alleged attempts to militarize it. In addition, he also stressed the importance of the region and stated that the Army should be ready “to deal with all threats as they arise.”

Earlier, the UK Ministry of Defense noted that the strategy specifically stipulated that British Marines would continue to receive joint training with their Norwegian counterparts in the long run.

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