FLORES: Is Guaido’s Life in Danger? Yes – But not from who you think

Guaido is the safest man on earth right now, with one proviso


Let’s be very very clear about something – Guaido’s life is the opposite of ‘in danger’, and with one small proviso, he’s the safest man on earth right now. Naturally, on time and as expected, the ludicrous liars of the western capitalist, imperialist-Atlanticist media are churning out their best product: bovine excrement. In their campaign to destroy the sovereign state of Venezuela, the British, Canadian, and American Deep State – all one, together with Israel – what I call the A5+I, are ramping up increasingly nonsensical claims. It’s all a psychological warfare campaign. Interestingly, New Zealand is going with ‘neutrality’ on this one, and that’s excellent. As an aside, this is no doubt due to the influence of China upon New Zealand.

What we are hearing now, is that Guaido ‘fears for the life of his family’.  He has a point here, one I’ll explain – but it’s about the opposite of what many sucked into the MSM information hole might think.

Guaido’s life may indeed be in danger, because sooner or later the U.S will need to wave a very bloody shirt around. And the single-man in Venezuela dedicating to keeping Guaido alive, and as free-as-possible, is Nicolas Maduro. If Guaido does at some point get arrested, it’s probably to keep him safe from U.S hit-men. 

Guaido’s main problems are his own premature, unexamined ambitions. Just look at how he utterly fails to be coherent – not talking about his English skills, but when the translator kicks in – when Amanpour gives him about the easiest interview in history. I mean we’re talking soft-ball after soft-ball, and the lad simply flounders.


In a typical slanderous hit piece, produced by the American propaganda outlets, MSN and the AP, we read the following bizarro world pronouncement, my comments interspersed.


Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido said Thursday elite security forces had entered his home to threaten his family, blaming the government of Nicolas Maduro as international support grew for his bid to oust the embattled president.


Investigators from the attorney general’s office went to Guaido’s home to ask for him, to determine his whereabouts as he’s been in hiding, presumably in the Columbian embassy – but he’s so worried about the safety of his wife and young child, that he’s left them there at his residence, alone. The attorney general, as we’ve reported earlier today, is eager to prosecute Guaido for what would be pretty obvious charges – sedition, attempting a coup, violating the constitution in extremis, etc. But he hasn’t been arrested, and even farther from that, nor has the legitimate Maduro-led government said they want to arrest him, let alone harm him.



The move heightened fears for the security of the 35-year-old National Assembly leader, who declared himself acting president last week in a direct challenge to Maduro’s authority.

The police’s special action force, FAES, had visited his home to interview his wife Fabiana Rosales, Guaido told his audience during a speech at Caracas university.

“The FAES is at my house, asking for Fabiana. At this moment the dictatorship believes that it will intimidate us,” a confident Guaido said, his wife at his side.


The FAES is akin to a swat-team. They may or may not have accompanied the attorney general’s investigators, who would seem to have a rather legitimate reasons to interview Guaido, and barring that, perhaps his wife. Why would the swat-team want to accompany plain-clothed investigators, when there’s little risk to their safety, and when footage of such an event would create a media spectacle.

On the balance, this claim is likely to be false – to the point, there is a shocking lack of evidence. The first ‘red light’ going off here is this: Wouldn’t maybe ONE of the seven or eight billionaire-owned pro-opposition TV stations operating freely in Venezuela have had at least one bloke with a camera staking out his house, since the arrival of attorney general investigators would at this point be so inevitable? Where is that footage? Search for it – you’ll see ‘nada’ – just Guaido’s claim that this happened. This would and should be youtube viral, and being broadcast 24-7 on Atlanticist media, precisely because its such potent anti-Maduro propaganda.

In fact,  Maduro has had to deal with Guaido with kid gloves, precisely since if this guy received so much as a paper-cut, it would cause a noticeable shift in the Atlanticist rhetoric, and attention would shift from Guaido’s ridiculous U.S State-Department scripted claims, and over to some actually demonstrable physical harm that’s come to him and his family – this would work to buttress Guaido’s claims in the not-always rational hearts and minds of the global public.

His wife has made public statements in support of the coup, and isn’t uninvolved in this whole fiasco, and the attorney general wanting to interview her seems rational. They’d also want to interview him – I mean, look, he’s now openly confessed to the public his sedition campaign, claiming to have met with disgruntled members of the armed forces.

As the Telegraph reported, January 31st:

Venezuela opposition leader ‘held secret meetings’ with military leaders in bid to oust Maduro

Is that not in itself ‘high crimes and treason’? And yet the man still walks free, because Maduro’s hands are tied for now.

The FAES does not, by its nature, conduct interviews – that’s the second ‘red light’ that should go off when reading these claims.

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Several opposition leaders have been jailed in recent years as Maduro cracked down on growing dissent in the Latin American country.


Several individuals calling themselves opposition leaders – Leopoldo Lopez and Antonio Ledezma – known CIA assets working directly with U.S regime operators -have indeed been jailed in 2017. But not for their role as opposition leaders. Fomenting a coup is not ‘opposition’ work, not legitimate opposition in a constitutional republic. Healthy skeptical thinkers might dismiss this one – reasons for arresting opponents can always be manufactured so that these reasons are not based in their opposition status, but rather other charges (tax evasion, corruption, etc.). Here’s the catch though –  the vast majority of opposition parties, candidates, leaders, etc. face no unusual problems organizing in the Bolivarian Republic.

But Maduro is such a dictator, Venezuela is such a ‘regime’ that Lopez and Ledezma were subsequently – get this (!) – released and remanded to ‘house-arrest’ on their several acre, multi-million dollar latifundia mansions. Here they enjoyed full use of their in-home multi-media centers, internet, and full ability to organize against the will of the Venezuelan people.

International electoral monitors declared the last elections transparent, free, and fair. Venezuela boasts among the most liberal and open electoral processes and systems in the so-called developing world.

Venezuela is not a ‘totalitarian state’ (up yours, Hannah Arendt, maybe it should be), only about a third of its industry is nationalized/socialized, and some eight of the country’s nine or ten main TV stations are privately owned, and consistently produce pro-opposition messaging, and engage in anti-Maduro rhetoric. That’s quite the opposite of a ‘dictatorship’.

‘Freedom of the press’ and ‘freedom of opposition parties’ are so liberal in Venezuela, that it in fact is part of the vast horizontal and vertical freedom of movement and speech which allowed this opposition a platform in the first place. In short, the opposition has exploited the reality of press and political freedom in Venezuela to promote the false view that Venezuela is a dictatorship – just think that one through. 

Stay classy, Economist.

When we include the fact that the U.S launched a coup attempt in 2002, has engaged in illegal, that is seditionary and unconstitutional deal-making with ‘several opposition leaders’, who were also involved in the August 5th 2018 assassination attempt on Maduro’s life – yeah no shit they had been arrested. Do countries not have these things called ‘laws’, this thing called ‘sovereignty’ – do the authorities not have the right to arrest conspirators involved in a campaign to violently overthrow the constitutional government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela?


Guaido is about the safest man in the entire land of Venezuela right now. Maduro needs him ‘walking free’ right now, arresting him would only be a self-fulling prophecy that plays right into the hands of the U.S State Department.

Given the general irrelevance of the 35 year old hyperventilating drama-queen to Venezuelan politics and power-circles, and the actual significance of Ledezma and Lopez – his Venezuela-based handlers – there is one real and pending danger to the life of Guaido – the U.S itself.

Just like so-called  Russian opposition leader ‘Nemtsov‘,  he was ultimately worth more dead than alive to the U.S. His role as martyr that could justify further sanctions and a climate of hostility to Russia made his value such.

Not being a naive idealist – we ‘get’ how power works. We are not saying here that Maduro is just so dedicated to freedom and due process that its inconceivable that Maduro wouldn’t under ideal conditions, not be able have this Guaido character take a long walk off a short pier wearing brand-new concrete shoes. But you have to think-through the reality of the situation, and how this all breaks down.

Guaido’s life may indeed be in danger, because sooner or later the U.S will need to wave a very bloody shirt around. And the single-man in Venezuela dedicating to keeping Guaido alive, and as free-as-possible, is Nicolas Maduro. If Guaido does at some point get arrested, it’s probably to keep him safe from U.S hit-men. 

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