Four weeks after Trump’s embarrassing and illegal pronouncement, Venezuela’s military still supports constitution and Maduro


CARACAS – Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez on Tuesday, February 19th, said that the military countries remain close to its president, Nicolas Maduro,and will defend the borders of the Bolivarian Republic. The statement of the head of the military department was made a day after the words of US President Donald Trump where he claimed he was “considering all options” relating to a transferring power in Venezuela, reports Reuters .

These comments come now four weeks after US president Trump declared that Juan Guaido was hereafter recognized as the president of Venezuela. It has been subsequently revealed to FRN that the opposition believed that the government would come down ‘within 24 hours’ of such an announcement. After numerous attempts to stage coups or remove Venezuela’s leaders by assassins, the Bolivarian republic still remains a defiantly sovereign state in the face of a collapsing globalization project initiated chiefly by Atlanticist banking and industrial cartels.

Speaking on state television, the Secretary of Defense criticized Trump’s comments, calling them “irresponsible” and “unheard of.”

“The armed forces (Venezuela) will never obey the orders of foreign authorities and will remain at the border in order to avoid unrest,” he said.

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According to him, the Venezuelan military executes only those orders that come from President Maduro. At the same time, the minister stressed that any attempt to establish the authority of the “puppet government in the country is possible only through the corpses of the Venezuelan military.”

On Monday, February 18, Donald Trump , speaking in Florida to representatives of the Venezuelan community of the United States, said that his administration is committed to “a peaceful transfer of power (in Venezuela), but are considering all options.” The President of the United States addressed a message to supporters of the current President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, whom Washington no longer recognizes, with a proposal to go over to the self-proclaimed head of state, Juan GuaidoMoreover, he warned the South American military that if they did not do it, they would risk losing everything.

On January 23rd, the head of the National Assembly (Parliament) of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, declared himself interim president of the country. He said that the current president, Nicolas Maduro, was incapable of acting as head of state, and promised to hold early elections in the country. Juana Guaido recognized as interim president almost all Latin American countries (with the exception of Bolivia, Cuba and Mexico), the USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, Georgia, the EU countries. A number of states, including Russia, are considered the legitimate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. In addition to Russia, China, Mexico, Bolivia, Cuba, Turkey, Iran and Syria expressed support for the current Venezuelan leader.

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