FRAUD! Red Cross says its emblems are being used without authorization in Venezuela


The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) said on Saturday that non-Red Cross organizations are using the organization’s emblems in Venezuela without authorization. According to the Red Cross, such initiatives “may have good intentions, but they are at risk of jeopardizing our neutrality, impartiality and independence.”

The full statement reads: “We have known that there are some people who are not affiliated with @cruzrojacol& @CruzRojaVe @CruzVermelha who carry emblems of the Red Cross on the border between Colombia-#Venezuela and Brazil-Venezuela. We urge you to stop. They may have good intentions, but they are at risk of jeopardizing our neutrality, impartiality and independence.”

The statement was made on Twitter by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Saturday was marked by riots in Venezuela. The opposition has given an ultimatum and intends to bring humanitarian aid to the country. There have been clashes on the border with Colombia and Brazil. According to Folha de Boa Vista , four people died in Santa Elena de Uairén, a town near the border with Brazil, in clashes over humanitarian aid. FRN has not independently confirmed these claims. 

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What FRN can forecast is that if the present crisis deepens, and the U.S is able to get a further foothold in Venezuela, public order will break down, and we will see a revival of the ‘White Helmets’ fraud, this time perpetuated in the Bolivarian Republic. 

Colombia says 285 people were injured by border incidents. However none of these reports have been verified. It has been confirmed however that a group of opposition militants from Brazilian territory attacked the Venezuelan border post in Pacaraima on Saturday and set fire to a truck belonging to the Bolivarian National Guard. At least one of the demonstrators was injured and was evacuated behind the scenes to the hospital in the Brazilian city of Pacaraima.

The most exalted group of Venezuelans on the Brazilian side, present in the area since the morning, also threw stones and sticks against officers of the Bolivarian National Guard, who responded by launching tear gas bombs.The area is taken by an intense column of black smoke. Some of the gas bombs fell on Brazilian territory with many Venezuelans going to the Brazilian Armed Forces in the area demanding that measures be taken.The government of the Brazilian state of Roraima reported on Saturday that hospitals in the region are treating at least five people injured by firearms in Venezuelan territory.In total, 16 Venezuelan patients have received medical care in public hospitals in Roraima.

The Venezuelan opposition said on Saturday it would command shipments of food and medicines donated by the US and other countries at the border, which President Nicolás Maduro labeled as “crumbs” and “a show to justify intervention in the country.”Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez pointed out that in Venezuela “there is no humanitarian crisis” and recalled that, under international law applicable to humanitarian aid, it only exists only in case of natural disasters and armed conflicts.The Venezuelan government has warned that any vehicle that enters its territory without authorization will be considered a military target.On the Venezuelan border with Colombia, groups attempting to cross the bridges connecting the two countries were repelled by the military officers guarding the site.

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