From Anti-Russia to Pro-Russia? Moscow remains hopeful of maintaining strong relations with Brazil


MOSCOW, Russia – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro calls for the development of relations with Russia, both on a multilateral basis and within the framework of the BRICS alliance, the Russian ambassador to Brazil, Sergei Akopov, said in an interview.

“The new Brazilian president has expressed himself clearly and continues expressing himself in favor of the development and deepening of the comprehensive and mutually advantageous collaboration between Russia and Brazil,” the ambassador said.

According to the ambassador, “with regard to the collaboration of the two countries under BRICS, it is important to note that the Brazilian side, in particular, the new Brazilian government, has taken the obligations of BRICS’s country-president in all seriousness and responsibility for 2019.”

He added that Brazil has prepared a comprehensive plan of events within the framework of the bloc.

“A very comprehensive event plan was prepared within the BRICS framework for 2019, which shows that the Brazilian side expects significant positive results,” said Sergei Akopov.

“It is worth mentioning that our Brazilian partners not only follow the agenda established in the bloc, but also propose their own very interesting initiatives in the most diverse areas,” said the ambassador.

In addition, Akopov said that the end of July is scheduled to visit Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Brazil.

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“Yes, such a visit is being planned, and it will happen according to the BRICS event plan at the end of July this year,” he said.

The ambassador also commented on the situation in Venezuela, comparing the positions of Russia and Brazil on the subject.

“Of course, we can understand this concern that the Brazilian government is observing the very complicated domestic political situation in the neighboring country, those problems that the tens of thousands of Venezuelan refugees have arrived at border states create,” said Akopov.

“We hope that the traditional fundamental principles that Brazilian diplomacy has followed for dozens of years, that is, non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, non using sanctions that are not approved by the UN Security Council, economic or other, remain at the basis of the Brazilian position in relation to the Venezuelan crisis. “In this sense, the latest statements of several senior leaders in Brazil inspire optimism,” added the ambassador.

Earlier this year Bolsonaro complained about Russian influence in Venezuela and alluded to opening a US military base in Brazil to counter this supposed threat. It now appears he has realized his delusions are not based on fact.

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