Guaidó says Maduro removal will be advantageous for Russia and China BUT they disagree


CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan National Assembly President Juan Guaidó, a self-proclaimed interim president, told Reuters that the change of government will be advantageous to major trading partners – Moscow and Beijing.

According to Guaidó, President Nicolás Maduro does not protect the interests of Venezuela or foreign investment, and thus, a bad partner. In addition, the president of the Venezuelan Parliament has noted that he has tried to contact Russia and China.

“What most suits Russia and China is the country’s stability and a change of government,” he said. “Maduro does not protect Venezuela, he doesn’t protect anyone’s investments, and he is not a good deal for those countries.”

But Russia did not have and does not plan to have any contact and does not recognize the opposition’s presidential status, noting that Nicolás Maduro is the president who was elected by the people and that the president of a country can not be determined by other countries.

China also opposes foreign interference in Venezuela’s affairs. Beijing supports the government of Nicolás Maduro to maintain national sovereignty and stability and recognizes Maduro as the legitimate president of Venezuela, despite all the pressure he has suffered.

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On 31 January, the European Parliament called on EU diplomat Federica Mogherini and the governments of the Member States to join in the recognition of the opposition leader.

On January 23, the head of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, declared himself interim president of the country during anti-government protests in the streets of Caracas.

Not only did the US and the European Union support Guaidó, but also a number of countries in Latin America, including Brazil, expressed support for Guaido and the Venezuelan opposition. Alongside Nicolás Maduro are several countries, including Russia and China, but some shock additions including NATO-members Greece and Turkey, and other international allies such as Iran and Syria.

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