Is it Putin’s car? Check out brand new Russian limousine being tested in Siberia (VIDEO)


NOYABRSK, Russia – The Siberian city of Noyabrsk has become a testing ground for the new Russian limousine Aurus Senat – similar to the car of President Vladimir Putin. The cars were seen in the city that is facing -50 ° C.

Apparently, limousines have to go through a series of tests before they are mass-produced for Russia’s harsh climate. The Aurus Senat limousine, designed as part of the Kortezh project, is one of the major cars of the genre and is due for release soon.

The Kortezh project encompasses state-of-the-art luxury cars and includes a limousine, a sedan and a minivan, in addition to the expected off-road, all on a common modular platform.

These vehicles are developed by the NAMI research institute in collaboration with the Sollers group of businessman Vadim Shvetsov and partners.

State investments in the project totaled 12.4 billion rubles. Until the beginning of next year, the cars of the family Kortezh under the brand Aurus will appear in free sale, and its price reaches 10 million rubles.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Russia published last week a video showing the main stages of development and production of Putin’s Aurus limousine.

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In the images you can see the creation of the design and the model of presidential automobile, the development of its engine and the tests of the security system. In addition, the video shows the assembly and painting of the vehicle, the manufacture of the seats and other parts.

“In this project the best Russian engineers and designers met, new technologies were developed and teams were formed,” said the Russian Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

The Aurus brand was created to designate the Kortezh project, destined to the production of several types of vehicles in the same platform. Thus, in addition to the existing limousine and sedan, a minivan and a jeep are also being manufactured.

During the Moscow Motor Show in August 2018 were presented two variants of sedan, which are already available to buyers from around the world.

In addition to the cars, the Kortezh project includes the production of a motorcycle, used in the president’s limousine escort.

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