Kalashnikov Gun Official: Brazil is one of the most promising markets for the famous Russian gun


MOSCOW, Russia – This year marks the centenary of the birth of Mikhail Kalashnikov, a notable Soviet weapons designer. On the fringes of Russia’s Investment Forum, the director-general of the Kalashnikov consortium, Vladimir Dmitriev, spoke about projects dedicated to the anniversary and plans for the future.

100 years ago was born the famous weapons designer Mikhail Kalashnikov. The AK assault rifle developed by Kalashnikov began to be used by the Soviet army of the USSR in 1949. Today, the rifle and its modifications are the most common firearms in the world.

In the framework of the Russia Investment Forum, the director general of the Kalashnikov consortium, Vladimir Dmitriev, stated that in celebration of this anniversary the consortium will open a virtual museum dedicated to the famous designer and internet courses with educational programs for young people.

The director general of Kalashnikov underlined that the consortium contributes not only to the defense sector, but also to civilians.

“We hope that we will surprise and continue to amaze the world not only with our weapons designed for defense, security, but also with new developments. We actively work with solutions for smart cities, we are interested in green projects – all areas where we can help people feel protected and secure,” he said.

As for plans for the future, the company that obtains more than 50% of revenues from exports plans to conquer new markets, including Latin America.

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Dmitriev said that the Brazilian market is very promising for the company and negotiations with potential Brazilian partners are already underway, but did not reveal specific details and deadlines.

“Together with Russia, India and China, Brazil is a country with a strong development and with enormous potential. We are sure that in order to be market leaders we must enter this market,” he said.

Commenting on possible obstacles to Kalashnikov’s entry into the Brazilian market, Dmitriev stressed that although “no concrete difficulties have yet been recorded,” like any large project, this initiative requires serious preparations. “We are in the process of negotiating with Brazilian partners,” he said.

In addition, the director general of the consortium said that all news of the Kalashnikov would be demonstrated at the International Technical-Military Forum 2019 Army, which will be held between June 25 and 30 of this year.

The Russian Investment Forum was held in the city of Sochi between 14 and 15 February. The main objective of the Forum is to present Russia’s economic and investment potential.

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