SERBIA – Earlier today, FRN received reports from our field reporters in central Serbia that an armed Albanian death squad crossed into free Serbian territory from the occupied Serbian region of Kosovo – presently governed by Albania and the U.S – and proceeded to ransack the entire village. The village is located in central Serbia, near the town of Kursumlija, and close to the administrative line with Kosovo

A correspondent of the Belgrade-based television station in contact with FRN, Prva TV, says that there was shooting, and that “all houses in that village have been ransacked.”

The reporter added that strong Serbian paramilitary forces have since been deployed there. According to the police, another village has been attacked, where one local has had his tractor stolen. A similar report was relayed to the liberal Serbian news agency, B92.

Over the past years, local media have been warning about similar incidents, mostly involving ethnic Albanians crossing from Kosovo to steal timber. These sorts of tactics are said to be similar to those employed by Zionist settlers on lands recognized by both Israel and Palestine as Palestine.

They were also reporting the locals’ testimonies, who claimed they had been left without protection and that the Serbian police unit, Gendarmerie, had been withdrawn – asking the authorities at the same time to redeploy the security forces.

Such provocations are increasing, as the U.S’s regional allies have become increasingly clear that the present Serbian government is growing closer to Russia and China, has entirely stalled on negotiations to join the EU – which haven’t moved past the pre-format stage.

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The U.S has been supporting and actively promoting a ‘Greater Albania’ policy, which sees Albania acquire parts of Serbia, Macedonia, and Montenegro.

Today’s attacks occur also within the context of a controversial Serbian proposal in which Belgrade may agree to push for a change in its constitution, where presently Kosovo is considered entirely a part of Serbia, in exchange for a division of Kosovo, so that the still-Serbian majority Mitrovica part of Kosovo – that part not successfully yet ethnically cleansed by Albanian terror groups – may rejoin Belgrade governance.

Kursumlija is one of the Serbian towns that Albania would like to seize for themselves, and these attacks appear as a response to Serbian leader Vucic’s proposal.

Experts do not believe that Vucic’s proposal will be acceptable to either Albania or their U.S paymasters. In essence, it is a ‘calling their bluff’ move, one which forces the international community to recognize that Serbia is ‘willing to be reasonable’ – thus exposing the absolute unreasonableness of the U.S backed ‘Greater Albania’ policy.

Therefore, while Vucic has faced significant backlash from Serbian patriots over this proposal, it is unlikely it will ever come into fruition. Rather, it demonstrates through inversion, the real aims of U.S policy on Serbia – identical to that of the Third Reich: the end of Serbia as a geopolitical entity or geostrategic reality, and the end of Serbianess as an ethnicity – ethnic cleansing in the real sense of the term.

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