MAJOR: Chief treasurer of the Vatican convicted of pedophilia


The chief treasurer of the Vatican, Australian Cardinal George Pell, was found guilty of pedophilia. During the investigation, five cases of sexual abuse twenty years ago against two children were proven.

The court recognized that in 1996 Pell committed violent acts against two boys from the choir in the rooms of the cathedral in Melbourne. The Melbourne court issued a verdict as early as December, but it was not made public. The ban on publicly exposing these crimes was lifted, in connection with the “special importance of the cause for society,” reports Euronews.

The punishment of the 77-year-old cardinal will be known in March. He has maintained his own innocence in light of the charges against him. Pell is now the highest ranking Catholic priest in the world, convicted of pedophilia.

It is known that pedophilia is a common practice among Catholic priests. Numerous critics have even claimed that the practice is not an aberration, but the primary method the church uses to recruit the next generation of priests. It is said that internally, priests are relocated for several reasons, chiefly when there is significant public backlash among the laity, but infrequently are these priests defrocked.

Critics claim that when a Catholic priest is punished for pedophile practices, it is not for the practice itself, but for misidentifying the abused boy as a probable homosexual. It is claimed that the priests are supposed to identify boys who already seem to be homosexual, and engage in behaviour with these boys, and to encourage these boys into seminary school, where they will eventually become priests themselves.

This comes as it is increasingly known by the world’s public that some 80% of Catholic priests are homosexuals.

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