MAJOR: Italy Refuses to Recognize Guaido


ROME – Italy has refused to recognize the self-proclaimed Venezuelan pretender to the presidency, Juan Guaido, as the head of the Bolivarian Republic, Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Manlio Di Stefano has come forward to state publicly.

This is as much as the Italian government officially has as a position. The 5 Star Movement, which forms part of the government, goes even further, and recognizes the legitimacy of Maduro.

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5 Star Movement on the right side of history

“Italy does not recognize Guaido,”  Italian Tv2000 quoted the FM as saying. The Italian Foreign Ministry is “absolutely against” the attempts of any state or group of states to “determine the internal policy of another country.” As Di Stefano emphasized, “this is called the principle of non-intervention and is recognized by the UN.”

He stated that it was necessary to prevent the war, and recalled the mistake that had already been committed in Libya: “We must avoid the same thing happening in Venezuela.” Di Stefano presents the 5 Star Movement. 


Lega’s Treachery 

At the same time, another deputy minister, Guglielmo Picchi, said that his party, the League (Lega, formerly Nega Nord), which formed a government in coalition with the Movement, said that the Maduro presidency is over. Picchi called for new elections in Venezuela.
Across Venezuela, clashes began between opponents of President Nicolas Maduro and national security forces.  In the riots involved hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans.  The number of detainees in the hundreds, more than ten people died.


On Wednesday, Italian Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero Milanese announced that the country fully shares the EU position. He also called for a “free and transparent” presidential election.

The foreign ministers of the EU countries did not make a general decision on recognizing Guaido, stating that this step has the right to make each of the 28 EU countries separately.

The newspaper VIEW told us that the events in Venezuela caused an uproar in Italy against the EU, which the Italian public already views unfavorably. Therefore, the official position of Italy – not recognizing Guaido – is both a compromise position within Italy and as part of the EU. 

Despite differences in approach and phrasing, the Italian government on the whole effectively recognizes Maduro as the current and acting president. Lega’s position mirrors that of other EU countries, which nominally recognizes Maduro but calls for new elections. The 5 Star Movement however recognizes Maduro without qualifications.

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