MAJOR: Pakistan Shells Indian Towns near Border


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan fired on settlements in the northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir on the morning of February 28th, Asian News International reported.

According to them, the incident occurred at about 06.00 local time in the district of Poonch. The Indian army managed to repel the shelling.

The government of India demanded that Pakistan release and return home the pilot of a military aircraft shot down by the Pakistani Air Force. The Ministry of Information of Pakistan released the video of the captured pilot. In the video, his eyes are blindfolded and his face is covered in blood. India called it “a vulgar demonstration of a wounded soldier.”

The Indian authorities initially stated that a pilot named Abhinandan was missing. As FRN covered, there were videos of how he was captured in Pakistan. Many civilian airports in northern India are now closed, flights are being diverted to other airfields.

On February 26th, the Indian Air Force struck a region in northwestern Pakistan. According to the Indian government, a terrorist camp was attacked. Yesterday, the escalation around the disputed region of Kashmir continued – in the morning two Indian and one Pakistani combat aircraft were shot down. The Indian army is in full alert on the entire border with Pakistan.

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