VALENCIA, Venezuela – The Venezuelan Interior Ministry informed through its Twitter counter that Arturo Michelena International Airport, located in the Venezuelan city of Valencia, seized military armament from Miami (USA).

According to information published by the Deputy Minister of Prevention and Citizen Security, Endes Palencia, on February 5, authorities seized large-caliber ammunition, 19 rifles, 118 rifle carriers, 90 radio antennas, four rifles and six cell phones. The weapons were found in an airport storage area and reportedly arrived in the country on Sunday aboard an Air Bus N881YV.

According to the authorities, “the material was intended for criminal groups and terrorist actions in the country, funded by the ‘fascist extreme right’ and by the US government, and the deputy minister announced that the Attorney General’s office was ordered to ‘continue with investigations and find those responsible.”

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The authorities also reported that the national government has strengthened security work in ports, air terminals, customs zones and other areas of the country to “guarantee independence, sovereignty and freedom.”

Meanwhile, Venezuela would have suspended plans to sell gold, valued at millions of dollars, to a company in Abu Dhabi.

With this, the country raises its skills to obtain the necessary money to maintain the country’s movements, since gold is better than oil, and may be a commodity of fundamental importance for the government of President Nicolás Maduro, said Diego Moya- Ocampos, a political analyst at IHS Markit.

It is worth mentioning that Venezuela was forced to sell parts of its foreign reserves, including gold, due to increasing pressure from US sanctions and falling oil production.

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