MAJOR: Venezuela Thwarts Trojan Horse Attempt at Border Bridge Crossing

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VENEZUELA – The “humanitarian aid” Trojan Horse has devolved into violence on the Francisco de Paula Santander bridge in Venezuela. The handpicked US pretender to the presidency of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, has been treated with kid gloves by Venezuelan authorities, and has avoided arrest, seizure of accounts and property, and everything one would expect would happen to such a criminal but amazingly hasn’t. In his latest stunt, which eventually he will pay for, he has accompanied the illegal attempt by the U.S to smuggle in weapons, explosive devices, and other provisions necessary for the strategy of tension the U.S has already been employing against Venezuela.



Second humanitarian aid truck is now on fire as well. The truck has exploded.

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All aid trucks on the Francisco de Paula Santander bridge to Venezuela are now on fire — the cargo was able to be removed from the last truck and taken back across the bridge into Colombia.

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Amir Richani@amir_richani

Venezuelan armed forces throw tear at civilians safeguarding the humanitarian aid at the Simon Bolivar bridge.

They have also burned the aid carried by two trucks.

Aerial picture of what is happening – not mine

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Amir Richani@amir_richani

Venezuelan security forces attack trucks carrying humanitarian aid.

Clashes between security forces and protesters at the Simon Bolivar breach continue.

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BREAKING: Violence amid protests and clashes at Venezuela’s borders, as efforts ramp up to force foreign humanitarian aid into the country, despite the Maduro regime’s efforts to keep it out.

Meanwhile, in Santa Elena de Uairén near the Venezuela-Brazil border, gunfire has erupted.

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BNO News


Heavy gunfire heard in Santa Elena de Uairén near the Venezuela-Brazil border; reports of injuries and possible fatalities

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Imagine the response if Venezuela tried to drive a caravan of “humanitarian aid” across the border in McAllen, Texas, Nogales on the Arizona border, or the crossing in California at Mexicali. It would likely resemble Bush the Elder’s Highway of Death in Kuwait.

Antoine Bousquet@AJBousquet

Aerial view of “The Highway of Death” on which Iraqi forces suffered devastating losses at the hands of Coalition Forces as they retreated from Kuwait in February 1991. Between 1,400 and 2,000 vehicles were destroyed or abandoned.

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