New Russian anti-tank system could cause major problems for NATO


MOSCOW, Russia – The new portable Russian anti-tank systems being developed can be a major problem for NATO tanks.

The new missile launcher system can be considered a response to North American systems Javelin, in addition, can become a true “killer” of tanks, says Colonel Roman Borisovich Spirin of the Russian Ministry of Defense, according to The magazine National Interest .

Charlie Gao, the author of the article, points out that the developers are aiming to increase the penetration capacity of the new missile, resistance to interference and destruction capability of armor, such as the NATO M1A2C Abrams.

“The new missile system is innovative because it operates based on the principle of ‘fired, forgot’,” according to Gao.

That is, this principle allows the launching of small missiles from unprepared installations or from portable launchers. In addition, the anti-tank system can be used in urban areas, significantly improving its combat capabilities.

The US Javelin system, although portable, is a very complicated system, making it difficult to use in combat.

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This comes as the commander of Russia’s Missile Strategic Force, Colonel Sergei Karakaev, said the Dombarovskaya division is about to become the first in Russia to be armed with the new Avangard hypersonic missile systems. The mass production of the new missile began in July 2018.

The Avangard missile system is among the weapons whose creation was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin in March 2018 during his annual address to the Federal Assembly.

The missile is capable of flying in the dense layers of the atmosphere with intercontinental reach, while its speed is 20 times greater than that of sound.

The US General Audit has estimated that Washington does not yet have an anti-missile defense to defend itself against hypersonic weapons, particularly the Russian weapons. According to experts, the US would take at least five years to reach Russia in this field.

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