‘Nosy guest’: Washington ATTEMPTS to spy on Crimea, spectacularly fails


CRIMEA, Russia – A US Air Force plane conducted a reconnaissance flight off the coast of the Crimean Peninsula, according to the monitoring portal PlaneRadar.

A Boeing RC-135V reconnaissance aircraft with the number 64-14846 and the call sign MITE21 took off from the air base located in Crete at 08:45 Moscow time.

The US Air Force electronic reconnaissance aircraft, Boeing RC-135V, tail number 64-14846, call sign MITE21, took off from the Saya Bay airbase in Crete.

He arrived in the Black Sea region.

Boeing reached the Black Sea and then made a reconnaissance flight off the Crimean coast. The plane flew along the peninsula’s border several times, then returned to its aerodrome. The RC-135V ran through the specified area for about 3 hours.

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The activity of foreign reconnaissance aircraft, particularly US aircraft, near Russian borders has increased lately.

Last week, two US Air Force aircraft, an RC-135V reconnaissance aircraft and a Global Hawk drone RQ-4B-30, were spotted near the Crimean peninsula. The Crimea reunited with Russia in 2014, when 97% of the referendum participants voted for reunification.

This comes as last month US Navy P-8 Poseidon antisubmarine patrol aircraft conducted a surveillance flight near the Hymenim airbase in Syria.

According to Plane Radar data, the plane took off from the Sigonella airbase on the Italian island of Sicily, and for about an hour was circulating near the Mediterranean coast of Syria, approaching periodically from the Russian airbase of Hmeymim, as well as the technical maintenance and supply center of the Russian Navy in Tartus.

The plane made the flight at an altitude of 4.7 km.

Lately the activities of foreign reconnaissance aircraft and drones near the Russian border have increased.

On January 28, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that a Russian Su-27 fighter took off to intercept an American P-8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft over the Baltic Sea. According to the ministry, with the approach of the Su-27 the American plane distanced itself from the border of Russia. Following that, the Russian Aerospace Force fighter returned to base.

Over the past year, the Russian Aerospace Force has detected and tracked more than 980,000 air targets, 3,000 of which were foreign military aircraft, of which more than 1,000 were reconnaissance aircraft.

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