Poroshenko at Munich promises to keep bombarding Donetsk, answering “Russian Aggression”

Sharp increase in bombardment; "Insecurity Conference" looks to bigger role for NATO


MUNICH – President of Ukraine Poroshenko during a speech at the Munich Security Conference said that Ukraine does not intend to stop shelling the republics of Donbass, because if Kiev ceases firing, the Ukrainian state will cease to exist.
“If Russia stops shooting, there will be peace. If Ukraine stops shooting, there will not be Ukraine,” Poroshenko said.

In this he maintains what we have called the Volker Doctrine, after US Special Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker, who insists that the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics do not exist and the only entity to talk to — is Russia. And it is not a civil war, but purely “Russian Aggression.”

At the same time, he described the political and economic situation in Ukraine as a “success story.”
Poroshenko also boasted that during his presidency in Ukraine “the most profound reforms in the history of the country” were carried out. The day before, Poroshenko ordered to come up with “evidence of Russia’s aggression” to use in his speech in Munich.

On February 15, the People’s Police of the DPR declared a sharp increase in the intensity of the shelling of the DPR.

And in Moscow, with the participation of Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, a meeting of the Council of Commanders of the Donbass Volunteers Union was held on the situation at the front, and the possible attack of Ukrainian militants on the eve of the presidential elections in Ukraine.
On January 22, Poroshenko officially denied special status for Donbass. [This is an official contradiction to the terms of the Minsk Accords from the side of Ukraine, yet the West insists that its anti-Russiansanctions will continue until the terms of the Minsk Accords are met –ed]

Poroshenko’s speech was in keeping with the belligerent spirit of the conference, which Sahra Wagenknecht terms The Munich Insecurity Conference:

The Munich ‘Insecurity Conference’
We had to hear dangerous sounds on this weekend as every year in mid-February from Munich. The reason: The annual Munich Security Conference met, which should be more aptly described as an Insecurity Conference. Chancellor Merkel demanded more military involvement, a more important role for NATO and a Europe-wide arms export policy. How wrong! That is certainly not the way to achieve peace and security. My demand is instead a German foreign policy, which is consistently oriented towards disarmament, de-escalation and a policy of peace.


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