Putin discusses threat-scenario where Russia is cut off from the internet – Here’s what he plans to do


MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the existence of a theoretical threat of disconnecting the country from the global Internet. According to him, in this regard, it is necessary to create independent segments.

“I can’t tell what our partners have in mind. I think that it will cause them enormous damage and destruction,” said the head of the Russian state on Wednesday, February 20th, at a meeting with representatives of Russian news agencies and the print media.

Putin noted that this could be both economic and political damage, including the interests of the special services.

“They sit there, it’s their invention, and everyone listens, sees and reads what you say, and accumulates this information, and they won’t be like that,” the president added.

At the same time, Putin noted that before disconnecting Russia from the Internet, “they will think a hundred times.”

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The draft law on the autonomous operation of the Russian Internet segment, in case it is disconnected from the global network infrastructure, was submitted to the State Duma on December 14, 2018. Authors were senators Andrei Klishas and Lyudmila Bokova, as well as deputy Andrei Lugovoi. The document aims to protect the sustainable operation of the Internet in Russia in the event of a threat from the outside. The bill defines the necessary rules for traffic routing and organizes the control of their observance.

On February 8th, Klishas said that the Russian government will allocate 20 billion rubles for the implementation of the bill on the autonomous work of Runet. Including funds will be directed to the creation of the Center for monitoring and management of a public telecommunications network.

The term Runet began as a reference to that part of the internet which exists in the Russian language. But now, and overtime, it increasingly will mean in the future the Russian internet itself. This is both a security matter and a matter of sovereignty, within the realm of the information war.

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