Putin warns Europe he will place missiles on major cities if aggression towards Russia continues


MOSCOW, Russia – On Wednesday, President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, delivered his annual address to the Federal Assembly (Russian bicameral parliament). Traditionally, the president informs the Assembly on the state of the country and comments on the main areas of Russia’s foreign and domestic policy.

According to the Russian leader, the creation of the Avangard missile system, equipped with a hypersonic glider block, may be comparable to the launch of Earth’s first artificial satellite.

“Knowing all the details of this large-scale work, I have all the bases to say that, for example, the creation of the hypersonic strategic glider block of the Avangard system is comparable in its significance to the launch of the first artificial satellite of Earth,” said Vladimir Putin.

“At the time, the nuclear defense project provided the country with atomic energy. The creation of the missile shield, which began with the launch of Earth’s first artificial satellite, allowed the peaceful exploration of space to begin,” he added.

Vladimir Putin has indicated that the serial production of the Avangard missile system has already begun.

In addition, the president promised that Russia will not be the first to position short and medium range missiles in Europe.

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“I have already said, I do not want to repeat, but it is important. Russia does not intend to position such missiles first in Europe,” he said.

However, he pointed out that if short- and medium-range missiles are positioned in Europe, Russia will implement types of weapons that could reach decision-making centers on the continent.

The president also indicated that the US should have honestly justified its exit from the INF Treaty. Instead, Washington has violated the treaty and then mobilizes its allies, who release “grunts” of support for Americans.

Our American partners should have said this honestly instead of using fabricated accusations against Russia to justify their unilateral exit from the treaty,” the president said.

“They [the US] are still mobilizing their allies. These, in a gentle way, but ‘grunting’ their support of the Americans on this issue,” added the Russian leader.

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