Rapprochement between Russia and China is a major threat for US


WASHINGTON DC, The United States – Russia’s rapprochement with China threatens US global hegemony and may dwarf Washington’s scientific and technological potential, according to the observer for the US-based Bloomberg and Johns Hopkins University professor Hal Brands, who relied on conclusions of the US intelligence services.

According to Brands, the US intelligence report “shed light” on trends that, he said, “could seriously alter the global landscape for the worse.”

Among them is the rapprochement between China and Russia, he said.

“China and Russia are more aligned than at any point since the mid-1950s,” the observer said.

According to him, amidst a similar attitude towards the US influence on the international stage, an even closer approach is expected between Russia and China. Moscow and Beijing collaborate in such areas as military maneuvers, arms exports, energy and economics, Brands said. Such collaboration, he said, will enable each of these countries to oppose the United States.

“This cooperation better enables each country to challenge the U.S. China, for instance, has improved its anti-access/area denial military capabilities by buying (and, in some cases, copying) Russian military technology. Even where Russia and China are not cooperating directly — such as in supporting authoritarian regimes and undermining democratic governance abroad — their efforts have mutually reinforcing effects,” the article said.

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Relations between Russia and China are likely to have long-term limits, however, in the medium term Washington will deal with a near alliance between its two main adversaries, the observer noted.

In addition, Brands mentioned relations between the US and its allies on the international stage. According to him, US President Donald Trump’s negative rhetoric about the allies, as well as his inclination for trade wars against close partners in Washington, forced many countries to consider having a back-to-back geopolitical plan. also worries the American intelligence.

In addition, a major role in the issue of international leadership is played by advanced and emerging technologies, which was also mentioned by the US intelligence services, said Hal Brands.

“It is far from guaranteed that the US will win in this rivalry [with China and Russia].” The US intellectual leadership in science and technology has been eroded, “the observer wrote.

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