REMEMBER SYRIA? Colombia’s Puppet President says “dictatorship of Venezuela” has only a few hours left


BOGOTA, Colombia – The president of Colombia, Iván Duque, said that “the dictatorship of Venezuela” has little time left due to the diplomatic siege that his government and other countries are carrying out so that President Nicolás Maduro leaves office and is summoned to elections.

It must be remembered that similar calls were made against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad before and during the imperialist-led war against the Arab country.

“Today is worthy to applaud what the world is seeing and it is that the dictatorship of Venezuela has very few hours left because there is a new institutional regime that is being created thanks to the role that Colombia and other countries have played,” Duque said.

He also recognized the National Assembly (parliament that is opposition controlled) of Venezuela as “the only legitimate democratic organ of that country”, as well as the opposition deputy Juan Guaidó as president “in charge” of making the transition.

Duque believes that Colombia currently has the most serious humanitarian and migratory crisis that has been seen in the recent history of the continent, on account of “the disastrous consequences of an oppressive dictatorship that annihilated the independence of powers” and that “completely ruined the people of Venezuela. ”

He stressed that Colombia has acted “with a great sense of fraternity”, but reiterated that if you want to put an end to the situation you must “solve the underlying problem, which is that Venezuelan dictatorship.”

The Colombian government, like other countries in the region, does not recognize Maduro because they believe he was elected in fraudulent elections without providing any evidence.

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The Colombian head of state also referred to the decision adopted by the European Parliament to recognize Guaidó, as well as to the announcement of the European Union to give a period of 90 days for the search for a democratic solution in that country.

In this regard, he asked the nations of Europe “not to delay the accompaniment to this decision of the European Parliament because, as Desmond Tutu would say, if in times of injustice you are neutral, you end up rewarding the oppressor.”

Finally, he said that he trusts that in the next few days “the diplomatic siege will continue and that what they have proposed today as an accompaniment is for free, independent elections to take place and the usurpation to end and Venezuela to return to the institutional course,” without taking to account that independent elections that was overseen by international observers took place last year.

On January 23, Guaidó proclaimed himself president “in charge” of the country.

Shortly thereafter, Duque recognized Guaidó as president “in charge” of Venezuela, while the US president, Donald Trump, did the same.

The Government of Colombia has been against a military intervention in Venezuela, with which it shares 2,200 kilometers of border, but has taken every other effort to destroy the Bolivarian republic.

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