REPORT: U.S Soldiers Arrive in Donbass – Ukraine ‘too corrupt’ to wage war


DONBASS – U.S soldiers have reportedly just arrived in the Donbass, amidst an increase in tensions along the line of demarcation, according to numerous reports. Commenting on this, “NATO countries intend to turn Ukraine into a platform for sabotage warfare”, said Otaman of the Faithful Cossacks International Public Organization Alexei Selivanov.

According to him, American intelligence officers arrived in the area of ​​the operation of the combined forces in the Donbass to audit and analyze the weapons brought from the United States. Such measures have been followed because of corruption among the Ukrainian military, explained Selivanov.

“As our sources in the Ukrainian military department tell us, the Americans were not satisfied with what they saw, and the officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’s accompanying officers from the Center for Peacekeeping and Implementation of International Treaties informed about it,” he told REN TV .

As the activist added, in parallel with the intelligence officers, Donald Winter, a US adviser on the reform of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine, arrived in the country. He holds meetings with the leadership of the state enterprise ” Ukroboronprom” and other firms.

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Selivanov stressed that all this testifies to the plans of the United States, Canada, Britain and other states of the North Atlantic Alliance to turn Ukraine into a platform for a war of attrition, as has increasingly been the case since 2015.

The armed conflict in the south-east of Ukraine has been continuing since the spring of 2014. Residents of the region refused to recognize the new government, which changed in the country in February of the same year as a result of a coup d’état, and announced the creation of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR). In response, Kiev began the so-called anti-terrorist operation against them, changing its name in April 2018 to the operation of the joint forces.

Published on: Feb 26, 2019 @ 12:21

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