Russia adopts law prohibiting use of smart phones in the military

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MOSCOW, Feb. 19 – RIA News . The State Duma adopted a law prohibiting the military to place information in the media and on the Internet concerning their service.
The authors of the initiative noted that military personnel are of particular interest to the special services of other countries, as well as to terrorist and extremist organizations.
The law prohibits the placement in the media and on the Internet of information, including photos, videos and geolocation data about themselves and other military personnel, which will make it possible to disclose their departmental affiliation, service details and location.

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Also, these data will prohibit the publication of servicemen called up for training. In this case, the measure does not affect the military, whose duties include the dissemination of information, which is conducted in the prescribed manner.
In addition, the military will not be allowed to carry with you any gadgets that use the Internet that can transfer photos and videos, as well as geolocation data.
As the head of the Duma defense committee, Vladimir Shamanov noted that the document is intended to ensure both the personal safety of servicemen and the army as a whole.
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