Russia and Iran continue to work closely to achieve a final peace in Syria


TEHRAN, Iran – The Russian delegation headed by the special envoy of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Syria, Alexander Lavréntiev, and the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey Vershinin, examined in Tehran the implementation of the work of the Syrian constitutional committee, says the statement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The text indicates that the denials took place on February 2.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister and Syrian Ambassador emphasize the need to form the Constituent Commission
Lavréntiev and Vershinin, together with the interdepartmental delegation with the participation of representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense, held a conversation with the secretary of the Supreme Council of National Security of Iran, Ali Shamjani, and held talks with the Iranian minister’s first adviser of Foreign Affairs, Hossein Jaberi Ansari, communicates the Russian ministry.

He stressed that “the tasks of forming as soon as possible and putting the constitutional committee in Geneva were examined.”

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The communique indicates that the topics of preparation for the future trilateral summit in the Astana format were also discussed and that the meeting exchanged views on a series of issues related to the situation in Syria and the Middle East region.

Syria has been experiencing since March 2011, a conflict in which government troops are confronted by armed opposition factions and terrorist organizations that are backed by the US, European countries and neighboring puppets such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The solution of the conflict is sought for via two platforms, the one of Geneva, sponsored by the UN, and the one of Astana, sponsored by Russia, Turkey and Iran, guarantors of the ceasefire in Syria. However, despite these two platforms to achieve peace, the unfortunate reality is that peace can only be achieved in the Arab country through military means. The most powerful opposition fighting force is the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra who have made it clear that they do not plan to negotiate or find peace.

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