Russia begins creating powerful and intelligent weapons unseen elsewhere


MOSCOW, Russia – The Military Techopolis of Innovation in Anapa will begin work on the creation of weapons based on new physical principles and systems for the detection of underwater engagements, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, who heads the Defense Industry, said on Wednesday.

It should be noted that Tecnopolis will focus on new “promising segments”: the creation of small aircraft, weapons based on new physical principles, military geo-information platforms, hydroacoustic systems for object detection and the development of artificial intelligence technologies for the defense.

Borisov will pay a visit to Technopolis to attend a conference on cooperation between the Russian Ministry of Defense and the universities and defense companies involved in research carried out at the center of military technological innovations in Anapa, a town on the shores of the Black Sea.

The idea of ​​creating military centers for scientific research was first proposed in 2013 by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who suggested that initially the time spent by graduate students in defense projects could count toward mandatory one-year military service.

Meanwhile the the head of the Burevestnik Design Bureau Research Center, Georgy Zakamennykh, said on Tuesday that the Russian combat module AU-220M can be integrated into all military vehicles, airplanes and ships.

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The AU-220M will be presented at the IDEX-2019 exhibition in Abu Dhabi, where a memorandum of partnership between Russia and the United Arab Emirates on the supply of military modules was signed four years ago.

“Currently, the Burevestnik Institute has created a scientific and technical base, which allows the creation of a 57 mm multi-service weapon system, based on the installation of a unified combat module on land chassis, aircraft and Navy ships, to the interests of the Land Forces, Airborne Forces, Aerospace Force and Russian Navy,” said Zakamennyh.

The institute’s representative explained that the multifaceted combat module increases the firepower of motorized rifle units and would expand Russia’s prospects for defense industry cooperation with foreign countries.

The AU-220M module consists of a remote control tower equipped with a modern 57mm cannon with various types of ammunition, including guided munitions, and a 7.62mm caliber machine gun. In addition, the new module features sophisticated stabilization and aiming systems, which allows high accuracy shooting in all weather conditions, even at night or in full swing.

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