Russia blasts Washington: Says should give up policy of aggressive Moscow


MOSCOW, Russia – Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, said on Saturday that the United States should focus on building relations with other countries based on mutual respect instead of presenting ultimatums.

“If conditions are established for the dialogue, whether in relation to the situation around Ukraine or other concerns, nothing good will come of it. It is time to give up the ultimatums in communications between states,” he said.

According to the diplomat, “the US leadership has to decide for itself if they are ready to speak on an equal and mutually respectful basis”

“Are they ready for a normal and pragmatic dialogue? Are they ready to understand and take into account Russian national interests? Only on the basis of this would a fruitful conversation be possible,” said Antonov.

The ambassador also noted that the contacts between Moscow and Washington are very important to the international community, “since both countries serve as permanent members of the UN Security Council, while their efforts are crucial to the fight against terrorism and trafficking drugs”.

“Many issues on the international agenda depend on the level of our interaction, which is why the contacts between the leaders of the two states are so important, no matter how difficult relations between Russia and the United States, meetings, “Presidents always have a positive impact on the global situation.”

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Antonov’s comments come as Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksandr Pankin said in an interview that America’s anti-Russian sanctions do not cause significant damage to Moscow.

According to the diplomat, US partners are constantly implying to Russia that Moscow should be ready for any scenarios and sanctions.

According to him, the sanctions have different objectives: from coercion to punishment, intimidation “and simply creating an atmosphere of toxicity, uncertainty, danger around Russia.” “This atmosphere is cultivated in political and business circles,” Pankin said.

“To say that sanctions are completely painless would probably be unwise. To say that they cause significant damage, and even more, they reach the stated goals, of course, this is not happening, “said the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister.

In August last year, a bill was presented to the US Congress with a series of new anti-Russia measures, including sanctions against the new debt of the government of the Russian Federation and state-owned banks.

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