RUSSIA EXPOSES: ‘US wants to create new lines of separation in the Middle East’


MOSCOW, Russia – The recent Warsaw summit on the Middle East has shown that the United States wants to create new lines of separation in the Middle East, while the decision to establish working groups to solve regional problems demonstrates the US desire to act unilaterally, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said.

The main objective of the Warsaw Forum, as expected, was an attempt to consolidate the positions of its participants in support of Washington’s destructive agenda of total opposition to Tehran, which had to be seen as the ‘main source of instability in the region. Unfortunately, it is necessary to state that the Warsaw conference has become yet another illustration of US government policy aimed at creating new lines of separation in the Middle East, which is already plunged in multiple conflicts and differences,” she said.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry official, the conference held last week in the Polish capital did not focus on a serious debate on the problems of the Middle East.

“Its main outcome is the creation of several special working groups to discuss a range of global challenges and threats, such as terrorism, non-proliferation, humanitarian issues and refugees. What if this is not an attempt to launch a parallel process will work in the development of unilateral decisions?” Zakharova asked.

This comes as earlier this month Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote on his Twitter account of the new American accusations against Iran and accused the United States of supporting “dictators and extremists” in the Middle East region.

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“Iranians – including our Jewish compatriots – are celebrating 40 years of progress despite US pressure, just as Donald Trump has once again made accusations against us. US hostility has led them to support dictators, butchers and extremists who only brought ruin to our region,” Mohammad Zarif wrote.

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