Russia EXPOSES Washington’s regime-change attempt in Venezuela


MOSCOW, Russia – The United States openly instigates the Venezuelan Armed Forces to the rebellion, said the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

Zakharova said that everything indicates that the US has chosen the scenario of confrontation in Venezuela with the use of force and do not even try to hide it.

“All means of informational and psychological pressure are being used, from manipulation and false information in the media to direct blackmail and incitement to hatred,” Zakharova said in an interview on Thursday.

Thus, according to Zakharova, the US induces the Venezuelan Army to revolt and high-level US politicians are urging the Venezuelan Armed Forces to move to the side of the new self-proclaimed leadership.

“What moral right, after that, does the United States, in principle, have to talk about democracy and the rule of law, both in a particular country and in the international arena? They do not,” she said.

On 31 January, the European Parliament called on European countries to join the recognition of the opposition leader.

Russia, China, Iran and Turkey reaffirmed their support for the current Venezuelan government of Maduro, while several Latin American countries aligned with the US and EU expressed support for Guaido.

The Venezuelan political crisis worsened on January 23, after Venezuelan National Assembly chief Juan Guaidó was declared interim president of the country during anti-government protests in the streets of Caracas.

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This comes as last week Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov stated that Russia strongly warns the West against risky ideas of pushing forward a scenario of force in Venezuela.

For the Russian official, “a destructive external intervention, especially a military intervention in Venezuelan internal affairs is the worst of all possible scenarios.”

“It is difficult to predict its consequences, but it is clear that the hypothetical use of force in this situation will lead to a wave of bloodshed that would have consequences outside of Venezuela,” Ryabkov said.

According to the Russian diplomat, military intervention in Venezuela’s internal affairs is the worst case scenario and its consequences will affect not only Venezuela but also other countries.

“I emphasize that we did not want to make such predictions, we only once again give a serious warning against such adventurous ideas if they exist among some responsible politicians in the Western Hemisphere,” the deputy minister said.

In addition, Russia is concerned that the participants in the contact group for Venezuela do not appear to be paying any attention to the internal dialogue in the country during the meeting in Uruguay.

“We are concerned that, according to the information received, less attention has been paid during this event than was previously expected, when only Mexico and Uruguay had such initiative on the subject of dialogue on the subject of internal reconciliation of Venezuela,” Ryabkov explained.

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