Russia highly appreciates Armenia’s humanitarian aid pledge to Syria


YEREVAN, Armenia – Russia highly appreciates the dispatch by Armenia of a humanitarian mission to Syria. This once again confirms the allied, special character of the Russian-Armenian relations. This was stated by Russian Ambassador to Armenia Sergey Kopyrkin at a reception on the occasion of Defender of the Fatherland Day at the Russian Embassy.

Speaking about allied relations with Armenia, the diplomat recalled the words of Alexander III that Russia has only two allies – the army and the navy. The ambassador stated:

“Indeed, the state relies on the firm shoulder of its Armed Forces, which are the main guarantor of its freedom and independence. But in the modern world it is also important to have constant and reliable support of the allied states. It is only thanks to the strong and trusting relations between the allies that it becomes possible to jointly resolve the serious issues facing the international community, to ensure peace and security both in the world and in the region. It is such close, deep, and strong ties between Russia and Armenia, “

According to Kopyrkin, the Russian-Armenian military cooperation is developing steadily today, the Russian army shares its experience gained over the years in the field of training military specialists, supplies the latest models of weapons and military equipment.

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Armenian Defense Minister David Tonoyan , in turn, said that the Russian presence in the Caucasus region is the most important deterrent that impedes the resumption of hostilities in the region and contributes to the preservation of regional stability and security.

The minister said that during a recent visit to Russia, he, together with his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu, signed several documents aimed at implementing the provisions of the agreements on the creation of a unified regional air defense system in the Caucasus region of collective security and on a unified grouping of troops of the armed forces of Armenia and Russia.

“I would also like to note the daily, noble activities of the Russian border guards. Service at the border has always been one of the most difficult both in terms of the nature of the tasks and the conditions in which they have to be carried out. And today I am pleased to note that the personnel of the FSB RF Border Management in Armenia, continuing the glorious traditions of their predecessors, adequately accomplishes the tasks assigned to it, together with the border forces of the National Security Service of Armenia reliably protect the peaceful work of the Armenian people, ” Tonoyan added.

He also noted that cooperation in the humanitarian sphere has become an important milestone in relations between the two countries. “Armenian specialists went to Aleppo to participate in the humanitarian mission, in this connection we would like to express special gratitude to the leadership of the Russian Defense Ministry for promptly solving the issues of comprehensive provision of Armenian specialists in their delivery to the place of deployment,” said Tonoyan.

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