Russia strongly opposes European security zone in Syria


MOSCOW, Russia – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov commented on the idea of ​​US President Donald Trump to create a security zone in northern Syria with the participation of European countries.

The chancellor rejected the proposal, saying that the participation of European countries will hardly help to solve the crisis in the Arab country.

It seems to me that several plans by countries that are illegitimate in Syria and still want to implicate other illegitimate actors in this do not help solve the crisis,” the minister said.

Lavrov argued that the resolution of the Syrian crisis should be guided by the agreements reached under the Astana format, which involved talks between Russia, Turkey and Iran.

Previously it had been reported by the Washington Post that the Pentagon is working on a plan to create a security zone in northern Syria with the participation of European countries whose mission would be to protect Kurdish forces from the possible threat of Turkey.

Earlier this month Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin said that Israel must end the attacks on Syria’s sovereign territory.

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“With regard to the recent attacks by Israel, we have declared that arbitrary attacks on Syria’s sovereign territory should be stopped and excluded,” Vershinin told a news conference in a number of Russian media outlets.

The Deputy FM warned that “any attack destabilizes the situation,” noting that actions in Syria should not “go beyond anti-terrorist goals.”

Commenting on relations between Russia and Israel, Vershinin said there is “a line of discontent” between the two countries that “work steadily”. He said the two nations are working to “improve” this.

Previous to the comments, Russia’s Central Defense Command reported that the Israeli Air Force launched three air strikes on Syrian territory on January 21, bombing the west, southwest and south flanks, apparently attacking Iranian targets.

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