Russia successfully completes powerful new missile tests


MOSCOW, Russia – The new Russian S-80FP air-to-ground missile has successfully completed its tests and is expected to be delivered to the Russian Army soon, according to Russian CEO Tecmash CEO Vladimir Lepin.

The S-80FP is designed to be integrated with Su-25 fighters and Mi-8 helicopters. In addition, the missile will be able to penetrate barriers, reach defined targets, being able to explode ahead of the targets, since it can face the obstacles without being destroyed, continuing its flight.

It is worth mentioning that the new missile must complement the family of S-8 missiles, with 80 millimeters of caliber.

The new missile also surpasses the world-wide analogues in terms of technical characteristics.

The S-80FP is launched from airplanes and helicopters of tactical aviation and is intended to target single and multiple targets: infantry, armored, unshielded and fortifications.

What’s more, the missile will be able to hit surface ships in any weather conditions and at any time of the day.

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Meanwhile, US experts last month reacted with concern to the news that Russia would receive a new missile for the Kalibr high-precision weapon system, with a longer radius of action, reports The National Interest.

According to the edition , if the previous 3M14 version of this missile for the Kalibr system has a range of 1,500 to 2,500 kilometers, the upgraded Kalibr-M missile can be used at a distance of more than 4,500 kilometers, but for this it is necessary to increase its dimensions and weight.

Kalibr-M can be installed on surface ships and nuclear submarines, including the new submarines of the class Yasen. The American edition does not exclude that the improved missile also has other advantages. Particularly, the publication highlights its systems of orientation and electronic protection. The publication also states that the missile can be equipped with conventional or nuclear warheads.

In addition, The National Interest recalls that the predecessor of Kalibr-M has already been used in Syria for destruction of land targets and that the missiles were launched from submarines. The American edition reports that Kalibr was first designed to surpass US Tomahawk missiles, which are becoming outdated.

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