Russian fighter Su-27 ‘pulls off’ NATO F-15 and makes ‘withdraw’ (VIDEO)


MOSCOW, Russia – A video posted on Thursday shows how a Su-27 fighter from the Russian Air Force intercepts a NATO F-15 aircraft forcing it to distance itself from a Russian government aircraft in the skies over the Baltic Sea, the video caption shows.

The incident was likely to have occurred in June 2017, when the US fighter tried to follow the Russian government’s airliner to Kaliningrad. The Russian Ministry of Defense and NATO have not yet commented on this video.

The recently published video has already provoked discussions among network users. Some say the NATO jet was caught totally by surprise, noting that the Su-27 looks like a cat jumping on a mouse.

At the same time, another reviewer wrote that there was in fact no aggression on the part of the Su-27, just safety precautions for government aircraft. And also the questions about what American fighters in the Baltic are looking for, about 9,000 kilometers of the USA, were not rare.

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Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday that a Russian Su-27 aircraft had flown to intercept an American P-8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft over the Baltic Sea.

The ministry did not detail when the incident occurred. First, the Russian anti-aircraft defense system has detected over the Baltic sea’s neutral waters “an aerial target approaching Russia’s national border.”

“To intercept the target, a Su-27 fighter from the air defense units was placed in the air. The Russian fighter crew approached a safe distance from the airborne object, identifying it as a P-8A Poseidon Force US Air Force, “according to a statement from the Ministry of Defense.

According to the ministry, with the approach of the Su-27 the American plane distanced itself from the border of Russia. Following that, the Russian Aerospace Force fighter returned to base.

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