Russian Kalashnikov starts production of new landing craft


MOSCOW, Russia – The Russian consortium Kalashnikov began production of new versions of the BK-16 landing craft, reports Kalashnikov media.

According to the statement, the new versions are being produced at the Rybinskaya Verf shipyard and are intended for patrolling and diving work.

It should be noted that the list of orders for these vessels is now 30 units.

As previously reported, the Kalashnikov consortium began delivering the first BK-16 launches and the BK-10 attack version to the special forces of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

These vessels are used in operations in coastal areas, straits, rivers and lakes, transporting personnel, landing troops, supporting artillery and fighting pirates and terrorists.

Earlier this month Kalashnikov also unveiled its new RPK-16 lightweight 5.45 mm machine gun, created to take on the role of its legendary predecessor RPK-74.

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At the moment, the weapon is undergoing tests. It is foreseen that the Russian Armed Forces will be able to start using it already this year.

The machine gun is equipped with a telescopic sight and a muffler.

The new design features an interchangeable barrel for short and long distance combat. The RPK-16 is capable of performing up to 700 shots per minute, targeting singles and short bursts at distances of up to 600 meters, and continuous shots up to 300 meters.

The combination of ergonomic decisions, such as the variable length of the butt and a pistol grip, considerably minimize the recoil of the machine gun.

This comes as part of a larger project to not only fully modernize the Russian military that has already been achieved under the careful watch of Russian President Vladimir Putin, but to create innovative weaponry and technology that surpasses US military equipment. With cheap and innovative equipment, the Russian military industries are booming with endless orders being received from foreign states who want to capitalize on well crafted products.

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