Russian military develop high-tech micro drone to frustrate adversaries


MOSCOW, Russia – Russia has started the development of a micro drone, which will be part of individual third-generation military equipment, a Ratnik director said.

This is an advanced intelligent airborne reconnaissance system based on a lightweight drone,” said Rostec Industrial Director Serguei Abramov.

In addition, Seguei Abramov stressed that “through a unique technology of control and positioning, the mini drone will be able to perform aerial reconnaissance, even in an electronic war situation.”

The equipment is being developed by the Engineering Research Institute of Precision Machinery, TsNIITochMash, which is part of the Rostec group.

The quiet mini drone will allow tracking of enemy targets from a safe distance, as well as establishing its location and maneuvers, said Sergei Abramov.

In addition, the mini drone will also be able to locate targets, patrol a predetermined zone, fly over a certain area or point.

The system includes navigation equipment and a video system, with a total weight not exceeding 1.5 kg. The operating temperature range of the equipment allows it to be used in almost any climate.

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The Ratnik individual military equipment system combines several modern compact weapons, as well as a protection, recognition and communication system, that is, the equipment has approximately ten different subsystems.

The equipment is designed to operate in different climatic conditions at any time. The third-generation “Ratnik” will have a lower weight, and a higher level of protection.

Also, integration options for a military exoskeleton are being considered.

Meanwhile, Russia has completed the reconfiguration of its ground-based missile alert system and corrected all breach of cover left after the collapse of the Soviet Union, said the deputy chief of the Russian Aerospace Force, Maj. Gen. Igor Morozov.

“The country’s government and the Ministry of Defense have been paying close attention to this strategic system in recent times,” said Morozov, speaking on Ekho Moskvy radio .

According to him, last year Russia launched three new early warning radar stations in Yeniseysk, Barnaul and Orsk. A continuous field of cover was created, in which there were previously breaches, since part of the media was left in the former republics of the USSR. The official said that a part of the system was liquidated at the request of these countries, so Russia is forced to reconstitute the system again.

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