Russian Navy Receives Systems That ‘Blind the Enemy’


MOSCOW, Russia – Ruselectronics, owned by the Russian state corporation Rostec, began supplying the Russian Navy with 5P-42 Filin visual optical interference stations. These systems are capable of blinding the enemy, the company’s press service said.

At present, the frigate Admiral Kasatonov and the frigate Admiral Gorshkov are equipped with two sets of the Filin station. This equipment will also be installed on two Project 22350 frigates being built at the Severnaya Verf shipyard.

The Filin station was designed and developed by the Integral Experimental Factory for the suppression of visual and optical optical channels of observation and aiming of light weapons at night and at dusk. Station operation is based on the modulation of the brightness of the light radiation. The low frequency oscillations of radiation brightness cause reversible temporary disturbances of the organs of vision due to excitation of the optic nerves.

According to representatives of Ruselectronics, volunteers who have experienced the influence of Filin have reported their inability to precisely fire small guns at system-protected targets when it is placed at a distance of two kilometers from sniper positions because of the lack of visibility of the target. At the same time, a fifth of the volunteers experienced hallucinogenic effects, while about half of the testers reported signs of spatial disorientation, nausea, and dizziness.

In addition, Ruselectronics added that the radiation emitted in the visible spectrum and part of the infrared spectrum along with the high-frequency modulation of brightness can effectively suppress infrared laser rangefinders, night vision devices and guided missile guidance systems antitank at distances of up to five kilometers.

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Strengthening of the Russian Navy in 2019

As part of the state order, by 2019 numerous supplies of military equipment and armaments are planned for the Army and Navy. According to the federal budget bill, spending on defense, security and law enforcement this year will exceed 1.3 trillion rubles.

According to the commander-in-chief of the Navy, Admiral Vladimir Korolev, will be built about thirty ships and vessels of various classes.

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